SUSAT & Optical Systems


Primary sighting system for the British Army 5.56 mm calibre weapon systems.
Four times magnification, coupled with an aiming pointer with variable tritium illumination, gives enhanced performance.

SUSAT / Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux

SUSAT Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux
SUSAT is constructed from a one-piece, pressure die-cast aluminium body, into which the eyepiece, objective lens and the prisms are fitted as assemblies; this ensures accuracy of alignment and simplifies manufacture.

The size and shape of the aiming pointer allows a head sized target to be balanced on the tip at 300m, yet it is prominent enough to be ‘seen’ at close ranges.

Designed as a fixed focus sealed unit, with only one moving part, SUSAT is virtually maintenance free.

User trials have determined that SUSAT increases the limit of night visibility by up to three times, compared with traditional iron sights.

Field of view 175 mils (10°)
Magnification 4 x
NATO number 1240-99-967-0474
Weapon compatibility Suitable for mounting on all makes of rifle and light machine gun
Weight 417 grams

Optical Systems


United Scientific is able to supply a complete range of alignment and testing equipment for all types of sighting and optical instrumentation.

In addtion to complete systems, tools, adaptors, fixtures and spares are available.

A selection of which are detailed below.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

Description Part No
Binocular Mk 2 to 4 OS 332 GA
Collimator OS 335 GA
Tripod Testing Scales Mk 1 OS 607 GA
Collimator Small GP OS 875 GA
Collimator No 2 Mk 1B OS 1332 GA
Clinometer Field Mk 6 OS 327 GA
Gunner Quadrant M1 & M1A1 Cased 1290-00-891-9999
M82 Metal Case Carrying 1290-00-769-2958
Collimator No 2 Mk 1B Cased OS 1736 GA
Inspectors Clino No 2 Mk 1
Clinometer Large No 1 Mk 1 Cased OS 328 GA
OS 1512 GA
Adaptor Scale Testing Tripod No 1 to 13 Mk1 OS 3499 GA
OS 3819 A
OS 3498 GA
OS 43982
OS 53188
OS 53183
OS 3866 A
OS 3482
OS 53186
OS 53187
OS 60436
OS 3199 A
OS 60437
Adaptor Scale Testing Tripod No 16 Mk1 OS 3313
Compass Sub-Standard VG 0030
Collimator Projection Type Mk 2 OS 1925 GA
Collimator Binocular Cased L1A1 OS 2387 GA
Instrument Testing Scales Mk 1 OS 394 GA
Instrument Testing Scales Mk 2 OS 2343 GA

Military Binoculars

This Military Binocular has been developed in collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defence and is currently the in-service binocular. Its specification and design is the result of extensive development work, fully proven, by rigorous testing and field trials to satisfy exacting military standards. It is suitable for a variety of military roles.

Its Prismatic type incorporating the principle of fixed focus; it is fully desiccated and sealed and protected by a ribbed rubber cover to withstand extremes of shock, vibration and temperature encountered over the range of operational deployments. Its ergonomic configuration permits use with heavy gloves and has blinker type eye guards which are fitted to exclude extraneous light and provide positive location for the eye.

Anti-reflective coatings. Fungal growth protection. Fully sealed and purged.

Additional information Rubber covered to withstand shock and vibration.
Field of view 42 mils
Magnification 7 x
NATO number 1240-99-965-6105

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