About United Scientific Instruments

United Scientific Instruments Ltd was founded in 1964 as a supplier of defence and related equipment to Governments and Government agencies worldwide.  The company soon established itself as an organisation which could be depended upon to supply impartial advice as to the user’s requirements, supported by quality and the cost effective, timely supply of equipment.

Owing to the company’s early achievements it began to acquire a number of defence manufacturing companies. These companies, Avimo Ltd (UK); Helio Mirror Co. Ltd. (UK); Optic Electronic Corp (USA); Nitec Corp (USA); Avimo Singapore: Arab International Optronics (Egypt) and Sopolem (France) were consolidated into United Scientific Holdings.

Whilst these companies concentrated on the design, development and manufacture of equipment, United Scientific Instruments continued in its primary role and became the focal point within the group for sales, marketing and contract administration. In 1981, United Scientific Holdings acquired Alvis Ltd, the U.K. manufacturer of the CVR(T) range of vehicles.

In 1991 a policy decision was reached for the group to align itself more with the armoured vehicle market and as a result it renamed itself Alvis Plc. Notwithstanding this, United Scientific Instruments continued in its role, achieving several major contracts and programmes.

The company also acts as consultants/representatives for several defence companies. Pulsetech (USA) in respect of Battery Management Systems and Networks Inc (USA) for Cargo Nets.

Due to the extensive period of operation and the wide ranging of programs which United Scientific Instruments and its staff have been involved with, the company is able to source equipment from defence manufacturers worldwide. This coupled with the ability to provide funding where necessary and an extensive knowledge of shipping and export licensing, provides the company’s customers with an all-round service which is difficult to match.

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