Susat Sight Unit, Small Arms, Trilux.

SUSAT is constructed from a one-piece, pressure die-cast aluminium body, into which the eyepiece, objective lens and the prisms are fitted as assemblies; this ensures accuracy of alignment and simplifies manufacture.

The size and shape of the aiming pointer allows a head sized target to be balanced on the tip at 300m, yet it is prominent enough to be ‘seen' at close ranges.

Designed as a fixed focus sealed unit, with only one moving part, SUSAT is virtually maintenance free.

User trials have determined that SUSAT increases the limit of night visibility by up to three times, compared with traditional iron sights.


Field of view 175 mils (10°)
Magnification 4 x
NATO number 1240-99-967-0474
Weapon compatibility Suitable for mounting on all makes of rifle and light machine gun
Weight 417 grams

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