S-DROPS Solar Drops Battery Maintenance System.

S-DROPS is the solar solution to vehicle battery problems as it cuts costs and increases operational readiness.  It utilises smart trickle charging and patented pulse conditioning* to ensure batteries are always in optimal condition.

Its single robust solar panel is encased in resin which has been designed to withstand the rigours of the military environment and provides a charging current during daylight hours with both 12 and 24 volt versions available. The visual battery status indication removes the guesswork from Battery Management.

The pulse/trickle* charging system used by the British Army for their Main Battle Tanks.

Encompassing the latest solar technology S-DROPS is designed to reach full output in even the lowest, ensuring maximum battery maintenance.


Additional information Encompassing the latest solar technology.
Charge current 200 mA
Part number Contact USI for details
Voltage range Both 12 and 24 Volt

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