M-DROPS Mobile Drops Battery Charging System.

The mobile solution to vehicle battery problems,  M-DROPS cuts costs and increases operational readiness.  It utilises smart trickle charging and patented pulse conditioning* to ensure batteries are always in optimal condition.

20 charge conditioning systems are mounted on a robust platform for complete flexibility with both 12 and 24 volt versions available. The visual battery status indicators remove the guesswork from Battery Management.

M-DROPS is the pulse/trickle* charging system used by the British Army for their Main Battle Tanks.

M-DROPS is supplied with an Emergency Eye wash station.

The M-DROPS system is ideally suited for vehicles and batteries in both short and long term storage.


Additional information 12 and 24 volt pulse/tickle* charging system.
Charge current 500 mA
Charge voltage Both 12 and 24 Volt
NATO number 6140-99-734-1568 (12v M-Drops) & 4940-99-584-2101 (24v M-Drops)
Part number Contact USI for details

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