NATO Pro World Charger.

The NATO Pro World Charger reduces battery-related downtime, maintenance and costs whilst improving battery performance and increasing battery life.

It recovers dead and problem batteries by cleaning damaging lead-sulphate deposits off the battery plates and charges each 12-volt battery to its optimum level by monitoring the battery and adjusting the charging current accordingly. It will automatically switch to Float mode when the battery reaches full charge.

The NATO Pro World Charger will not harm your battery and helps to protect the environment.

Voltage-regulated and microprocessor-controlled World Version is the only charger able to recover sulphated lead-acid batteries.

Charges battery to optimum level by constant monitoring and adjusting current accordingly.



Charge current 20 Amps
Charge voltage 100-250 VAC
Input voltage range 50-60 Hz
NATO number 6130-99-297-7849
Part number 746 x 726
Voltage range 14.8V

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