NATO Pro Pallet Charger.

The NATO PRO Pallet Charger is a revolutionary advancement in multiple battery charging. It offers flexibility in charging which is unparalleled in the industry with 12 independent charging channels secured inside an HPX plastic roll-around cabinet.

This "state of the art" charger actually interrogates the battery and profiles it prior to beginning the pulse charge sequence. This is the key to successful recovery of heavily discharged and sulfated batteries-applying the patented high frequency pulse coupled with the correct charge current. It doesn't matter what type of battery you may have, i.e. flooded, AGM or GEL; or the amperage of all 12 batteries attached to the NATO PRO Pallet Charger because it deals with each as if it were on a single battery charger.


Additional information 48 lbs. without cables; 57 lbs. complete
Charge current 8.0A
Charge voltage 14.8V
NATO number 6130-99-317-5327
Part number 746 x 812
Voltage range 100-250 VAC; 15-7.5A; 50-60 Hz

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